Technekes and XSInc Agree to Merge
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Simply put
We Create Demand®
Technekes is a marketing and sales company that creates demand for leading B2B brands.
We provide turnkey data management, marketing execution and technologies that deliver sales.
Who We Are
When our founders gathered around a kitchen table more than 18 years ago, they combined their marketing, data management and analytic skills with one goal in mind:
to create demand for their clients.
Fast forward to today… Our team has grown, our tools have evolved, but our purpose remains the same, create demand.
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What we do
It's a question we get every day - what does Technekes do?
Technekes enables you to efficiently and effectively identify key customer and prospect targets, utilize a multi-channel approach to reach them with relevant and timely communications and offers, qualify and prioritize sales opportunities, and measure the impact of these efforts on your bottom line results.
In other words, we:

Strategy and multi-channel marketing campaigns strongly supported by analytics and data science.
Revenues and profits by generating and qualifying leads, and then capitalizing on incremental sales opportunities.
Marketing and data management technologies, integrations, and software to drive the entire demand creation process.
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“Our secret? It's simple really. Our overriding goal is always to help you realize a profitable return on your marketing investment. Because it's only in your success that we find our own.”
— Preston Fay,
Founder & CMO
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